The 120 x 85 x 75 cm size piece of furniture is composed of eight different modules, which are connected by an interlocking
construction system to form a rectangular object. Drawn up in a reduced style, the compact body of the Transformer can be
expanded through the active use of the drawer elements, simultaneously revealing the open inner structure.
There are overall 20 different possibilities to insert elements in different sizes. The harmonised arrangement of shelf areas,
recesses and lateral notches offers a maximal effective area of the modules, which are assimilated to standardised measure-
ments. The cumulative height of the object, for example, corresponds to the dimensions of a worktable, while the drawer slots
are in accordance with DIN. With a potential extended size of up to 3,7 meters per side the Transformer not only functions as
a fluid shelving system, as a free-standing piece of furniture with a levitating character it can also serve as a partition.

Previously it was shown in the exhibition "Vertrautes Terrain - Contemporary Art in and about Germany at the MUSEUM FOR

->NextLevel Galerie Paris

Technical support by NSK Linear Guides - photos Oliver Wrobel & Bianca Elmer, text Christina Irrgang & Zoe Miller
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